Greenland Fruit Emotions Bodycare Range

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

When you feel good you do good and when you do good, your overall health improves for the better. Natural skincare products with fruits and natural plants not only smell divine but keep your body naturally healthy and good looking.

Emotions Bodycare Range

At Beauty Wave we are all about keeping our skincare and bodycare all organic and natural, that's where Greenland's Fruit Emotions body care range comes to play. Greenland Bodycare is 100% natural and all about treating the senses: feel the great textures, smell the perfect fragrances and adore the outstanding design.

Using the most recycled packaging worldwide, their products are pure and honest. The bodycare contains a wide range of shower mousses, body lotions, body mist and whole lot more.

Fruit Emotions Bodycare Range

Using Greenland’s shower mousse during your shower ritual is the best way to start your day. The rich, creamy mousse is like whipped cream and is a delight to all your senses. It feels soft and smells heavenly. Just Emotions!

Greenland Milky Body Care Range

This balmy shower cream combines the soothing effect of rice milk with subtle vanilla. The added milk proteins and lipids hydrate the skin. The Milky products use a 'milk' basis and the ingredients have been carefully selected. This makes Milky ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Just Milky!

So whether you love yourself some vanilla or fruity flavors, go to our website and get yourself the Greenland bodycare range and treat your senses, naturally. 


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